What Types Of Metal Stamping Parts Are There?

- Mar 25, 2019-

With the development of hardware products industry, the production equipment and technology of metal stamping parts are constantly improving, the metal stamping parts are more and more precise, the product types are more and more, and the market scale is expanding. Precision metal stamping parts can be divided into many types according to industry, use and process characteristics. What types of precision metal stamping parts are briefly introduced below:

1. Automotive parts: mainly including automotive structural parts, automotive functional parts, automotive lathe parts, automotive relays and so on.

2. Electronic parts: mainly include connectors, connectors, brushes, electrical terminals, elastic parts and so on.

3. Household appliances parts: mainly including large appliances parts, such as color tube electronic gun parts, as well as small appliances parts, all kinds of structural parts and functional parts.

4. IC integrated circuit lead frame: mainly including discrete device lead frame and integrated circuit lead frame.

5. Motor cores: mainly include single-phase series excitation motor cores, single-phase household motor cores, single-phase covered pole motor cores, permanent magnet DC motor cores, industrial motor cores, plastic-sealed stator cores, etc.

6. Electrical core: It mainly includes E-shaped transformer core, EI transformer core, I-shaped transformer core, and other transformer iron chips.

7. Heat exchanger fins: mainly including industrial heat exchanger fins, domestic heat exchanger fins, automotive heat exchanger fins, etc.

8. Other kinds of parts: mainly including instrument parts, IT parts, acoustic parts and video parts, modern office parts, and daily hardware.