Three Major Industrial Difficulties Of Die Casting Die

- Sep 06, 2018-

China's die casting industry has a large scale and has already ranked second in the world. However, domestic molds are only supplied in large quantities at home, so to enter the international market, we must break through the following three restrictions:

First, China's die casting industry lacks the use of raw materials.

Two, the backwardness of technology has greatly hindered the development of China's die casting industry. Three, the supporting system of China's die casting industry is not enough. Only by intensifying research and development, adjusting the development mode and solving the above three problems, can die casting die win the competition in foreign markets.

It is understood that China's die-casting mold industry has developed rapidly, and the total output has increased significantly. The total output of domestic die-casting molds is second only to the United States, and has jumped to the second place in the world, becoming a big country worthy of the name of die-casting. This achievement is mainly due to China's unique vast market and relatively low resource and labor force advantages, has been very obvious in the International Die Casting trade market has occupied a greater advantage, according to the situation, the future of China's die casting industry development prospects are very broad.

Although the die casting mould of our country has made a great breakthrough during the "11th Five-Year" period. But its international popularity ranking is still behind, and the production is also increasing, but most die-casting molds are only for domestic demand.

In addition, due to technological constraints, it is difficult to break through the quality, some large domestic demand enterprises also frequently extend olive branch to foreign die-casting mold enterprises, serious trade deficit makes domestic die-casting enterprises difficult to move.

Therefore, only by intensifying research and development, adjusting the development mode and breaking through the difficulties in the above three aspects, can die-casting die in China enter the international market and achieve great success.

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