How To Choose A Good Die Casting Factory

- Dec 10, 2018-

Aluminum alloy die casting is a kind of die casting parts, is the use of casting die pressure casting machinery. With the development of science and technology, the requirement for aluminium alloy die-casting products is getting higher and higher. It's very important to choose an excellent aluminium alloy die-casting manufacturer. Naturally, there are many knowledges among them.    


 Firstly, according to the plan of the aluminium alloy die-casting factory, if the number of employees of an aluminium alloy die-casting factory is large, we can see that the benefit of this factory is good, because if the benefit is not good, then it can not accept so many employees. Secondly, look at the number of die-casting machines, how much is the tonnage of the die-casting machine? We can see the strength of the aluminium alloy die-casting manufacturers. Generally speaking, the die casting machine operates 24 hours continuously. Finally, it depends on whether the aluminium alloy die casting manufacturer has its own planning team. As a die casting operation, the die engineer is very important. Whether the structure of the product, the feasibility and operation of the die, planning, manufacturing and so on can be evaluated.            

Aluminum die-casting manufacturers want to produce high-quality products, depending on whether there is deformation, whether the surface is smooth, whether there are cracks or bubbles. When choosing and purchasing aluminium alloy die-casting products, we should carefully check the color of the whole aluminium alloy die-casting. Whether the color is different in depth or shade, if there is color, the quality is not up to standard. Of course, you can compare the same types of aluminium together. The surface of some aluminium materials is dirty and glossy when they are processed. Reasons: The combination of many miscellaneous aluminium ingots, scrap aluminium can greatly reduce costs, industry insiders called non-standard aluminium ingots. When non-standard aluminium ingots are used, the chemical composition and mechanical properties of aluminium do not conform to the national standards, resulting in a great decrease in corrosion resistance. When purchasing, it's better to go to the aluminium alloy die-casting factory first, and then make a choice.