Four Major Obstacles To The Development Of Die Casting Industry

- Sep 06, 2018-

It is understood that the development of the die casting industry in China is mainly constrained by the following factors:

First, the use of raw materials.

There are still many deficiencies in the die casting industry in China compared with those abroad.

Two, backward manufacturing technology.

The development of die casting die industry in China has been greatly hindered. The backward manufacturing technology has become a bottleneck in the development of die casting die industry.

Three, inadequate supporting system in China's die casting industry is another major obstacle to its development.

4. Generally speaking, the management level of die-casting mold enterprises in China is generally low, basically there is no good standard, many are still workshop-style management, many enterprises are managed by the boss himself, no matter how big or small they are all responsible for. This kind of management mode restricts the further development of die casting enterprises in China to a large extent.

With the rapid development of our economy, a complete industrial system has been preliminarily established. The normal operation of this huge industrial system is inseparable from the support of the casting die industry. It is understood that up to now, 70% of the enterprises in China's metal mold industry are still private enterprises. At present, China is striving to develop towards the goal of a large country of metal mold processing and exporting.  On the other hand, it also needs guidance from the leading role of high-end enterprises.

According to statistics, in recent years, China has used nearly one billion US dollars annually to import molds, of which precision, large, complex, long life molds account for the majority, so from the point of view of reducing imports, such high-grade molds, hardware tools in the market share will gradually increase. Mold will play an important role in the future mold market.

With the market, China's casting mold industry is the same as in China's casting mold industry installed a powerful engine, it will drive the continuous development of China's casting mold industry, will lead China's metal casting mold industry to better development. And the development of metal mold will bring the mold industry the most important part of the transition period of leaps and bounds, will speed up the transformation.

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