Die Casting Mold Upper Mold Precautions

- Aug 09, 2018-

1. The installation position of the die-casting mold meets the design requirements, and the distance between the center of the mold expansion force and the center of the die-casting machine is minimized as much as possible, which may make the pressure of the die-casting machine bar relatively uniform.

2. Always check whether the mold lifting eye bolts, screw holes and lifting equipment are in good condition, and ensure the safety of the human body, equipment and mold during lifting.

3. Regularly check the force error of the die bar of the die casting machine and adjust if necessary.

4. Thoroughly wipe the machine mounting surface and mold mounting surface before installing the mold. Check that the length of the ejector used is appropriate, and that all bats are of equal length, the number of bats used should be no less than four and placed in the specified ejector hole.

5. The pressure plate and platen bolts should have sufficient strength and precision to avoid loosening during use. The number of platens should be sufficient, preferably four sides pressed, not less than two on each side.

6. Large molds should have mold brackets to avoid misplaced or falling molds during use.

7. Molds with larger cores or molds that need to be reset may also need to be installed separately by moving and fixed molds.

8. The cooling water pipe and installation should be sealed.

9. Adjustment after mold installation. Adjust the clamping tightness and adjust the injection parameters: fast injection speed, injection pressure, boost pressure, slow injection stroke, fast injection stroke, punch follow-up distance, push stroke, push-out reset time, etc. After adjustment, put a soft material such as cotton thread into the pressure chamber, and do the whole process of simulated injection, check whether the adjustment is appropriate.

10. Adjust the mold clamping to the moving and fixed molds to have the proper distance, stop the machine operation, and put into the mold preheater.

11. Set the holding furnace at the specified temperature and arrange the spoon with the specified capacity.

12. Before the production, confirm the integrity of the mold, the neutron mold is properly connected to the neutron tubing and the control switch circuit, etc., confirm that the metal of the conductive part is not exposed, and select the control program before operation.

13. The mold with the rewinding device must be equipped with a retractable rod; the thimble must be retracted after it has been ejected, otherwise the mold cavity will be damaged.