What is the processing procedure of stamping parts?

- Aug 09, 2018-

Stamping parts are processed by pressure machine and mould to apply external force to sheet, strip, pipe and profile, so as to produce plastic deformation or separation, so as to get the shape and size of the stamping parts.

The stamping parts processing is generally divided into two processes. Each process has its inspection standard. The goal of forming is to make the shape and size of the sheet material without breaking the blank. The purpose of the stamping part processing separation process is to let the stamping parts out of the board according to the established target, and at the same time, the separation must be ensured. The quality of the section has reached the standard requirements. The precision of the general stamping parts is very good. The basic same model parts are basically uniform in size, smooth surface and good inner quality. Moreover, no further mechanical processing is needed to meet the general assembly requirements, save a lot of cost and time. So the industrial field is well received well. Now the application of stamping parts in industrial production is more and more extensive.

Stamping process is the two processes above, divided into two types: separation and separation.