Basic principles of die casting mold design

- Aug 09, 2018-

As we all know, die-casting molds are important tools in die-casting production and play a vital role in die-casting production. Then, what are the basic principles for die-casting mold design?

1. Before designing the die-casting mold, it is necessary to fully understand the use and structural characteristics of the die-casting part, and according to these rational design, the profile, cavity and demoulding form of the die-casting mold.

2. Understand the actual on-site processing capability of the die-casting mold, the equipment situation on site and the technical level of the operator, and combine the theory with the actual to design a die-casting mold that meets the on-site processing capability.

3, die-casting mold should be properly selected, to have heat resistance, deformation resistance, corrosion resistance, etc., to meet the requirements of processing technology and cold heat treatment process.

4. The die-casting mold should have the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation, flexible operation, safety and reliability, low cost, high efficiency of die-casting, easy installation and disassembly.

5, the mold design should be feasible, the use of generalized parts, improve the life of the mold, design should leave room for mold repair, to facilitate later modification.

As long as you follow the basic principles of die-casting mold design, you can design a practical and reliable die-casting mold to make the die-casting production go smoothly.